Jan. 2nd, 2013

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"To the sky, flyin' high,

Take me to the moon~"

So in my infinite wisdom, I b0rked my own iTunes Library and rather then trying to figure out how the fuck to put everything back rightways, I just downloaded iTunes 11.0 and decided to work with the new layout.

And sitting here, listening to The Cab and trying to decide how much I feel like fucking with the new Playlist system, I realized that this is a perfect metaphor for how I'm approaching 2013.

2012 was full of half-formed decisions and very hard lessons about how most plans almost never survive first contact with the enemy. I'm nowhere near able to go back and correct the decisions that have lead me to where I am now (e.g. - moving into my parent's house and not to a place of my own), but I can rally back from this to go forward. It's gonna be hard because, haha, I'm on a bit of a tight budget and even tighter time-frame, but the past week has helped give me things to believe in and hold close to my heart. Which, doesn't sound like much, but the energy I get from when I know people believe in me... well, my new friends are about to get a front-row seat to seeing what I can do with a little faith and a lot of hope.

There are still familiar things in play and I know myself better than to think that I'll be able to change everything around in a few weeks, but I have a better idea of what the stakes are this time around and that makes ALL the difference.

Which is why I'm not exactly HAPPY with the new iTunes layout, but I'm dealing with it. All of my music is there and playlists can be rebuilt (as proof of having to recreate some of these damn things FIVE OR SIX TIMES NOW). I still have all of my stuff here, so I can start reaching out and reorganizing it over here in Atlanta. There's gonna be some annoyance, because ugh, iTunes is not exactly intuitive to navigate anymore, but maybe I can scratch up some new playlists out of the new music I've been enjoying recently.

So yeah. Music is still a large part of my Life and is going to be intrinsic to my survival over the next few months.

....and I think I just figured out my new music blog's name. Time to go see if I can snag it.

Happy New Year, everyone.


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