Jan. 6th, 2013

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Man there's a whole lot of prep involved with getting an online store set-up. I mean, I knew that, but still... 81 pictures to go through and clean up of various merch items. And that isn't even half of what I HAVE.

Getting pretty excited though. Found a site that's doing a sale on photo-prints right now, so if I can finish up some things, I can offer mini-prints too... Hey, maybe even as freebies or something as a Thank You.

Ah my To Do list is growing and I am stupid excited to start keeping up with it.

I'm also itching to get back into Pokémon again too... Been reading too many Nulockes again and now I wanna do another one. Emerald was a MASS-...well, not MASSIVE FAILURE, but geez. Nuzlockes are HARD if you aren't crazy-good at level-grinding. I don't know if I wanna do another Hoenn Nuzlocke or not. I wanna try out a Unova one, but I love my Black and Black2 teams too much to do anything with them... Same with Platinum and Diamond. I mean, the obvious answer is to just PLAY THE GAME and worry about rules later, but yeah. Augh stories and Pokémon and comics and yeah.

I'm just on an upswing from a bunch of bullshit that's going on in my Life right now. Can't really discuss it on a public forum, but I SHOULD be back in Huntsville on the 10th (this Thursday) for at least a day or two, so if you wanna meet-up or somethin' that could happen.

Aaaaaanyway, enough procrastinating. These pictures aren't gonna crop themselves and I'd LIKE to get my store online by...well. SOON.

Geeehh, so much to do.


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