Jan. 16th, 2013

Cave In

Jan. 16th, 2013 03:45 pm
hawthorneox: (MichiBuh)
Hrf, lots of busy work going on… Trying to keep myself busy so I don’t go stir crazy from residual emotions and waiting to hear back from all the jobs I’ve applied for. Here’s an update for what’s coming down the pipes, insofar as my online presence is concerned:
  • Getting an update schedule for all my secondary blogs. This includes CDS, TA, VitaMusica, and Rainbow Fields. Yes, I am going to try and corral my posting to a weekly update schedule for these guys. I’ll let you know how that works out in like, a month.
  • Recoding LJ into something more modern. I mean, I’ve had the same layout for probably the past seven years. If I am to insist on continuing to use it, it needs updating. DW might also get an overhaul.
  • Recoding all secondary Tumblrs. Which means moving my main theme over to TA, recoding THAT theme and then picking layouts for all my other ones. *sigh* Work.
  • Figuring out update schedule for DA. I have a bunch of art that can get uploaded, but I need to figure out when would be good to do update days…. That way I avoid avalanching all four people who still watch me.
  • …mostly just working on projects and throwing schedules around until they stick.

…so yeah. I’m busy, but not. Trying to keep my head above water, but with my money reaching its tail end, it’s really nerve wracking to want to do a bunch of stuff.

Here’s hoping something comes through though.


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