Jan. 29th, 2013

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Another week gone and I'm still exhausted. Granted, monthly blood loss is not contributing anything useful to that feeling, but this weekend was raucous anyway.

Usually bullet-point run down before moving onto new things:
  • Got my offer letter from FEK. Turns out the reason they weren't calling me was because of some job fair that the district manager wanted EVERYONE to go to, no matter if they were in the middle of the hiring process or not. Which meant an extra week of pins and needles for me
  • I start Feb. 4th at a higher pay rate than I had back in HSV. Which should hopefully balance out in the end, but I won't be getting a paycheck until mid-month, so I won't know until almost March.
  • Anyway... Friday [livejournal.com profile] sabrinageek was down for an LGBTQ convention, so I went over Friday evening to hang out with her and holy fuck, being in such a trans* positive space felt SO. GOOD. I know I don't talk here a whole lot anymore and talk even less about my personal issues and gender problems, but god. Being in such a positive space was an amazing change from the past eight months.
  • The good conversation helped too. Found some new friends and got to vent a lot about stuff that not a whole lot of other people can understand.
  • Saturday and Sunday were reserved for a Homestuck lock-in the local Atlantastucks organized. It was the third iteration of this lock-in meet and it was just as much of a blast as the first two.
  • The downside... well, maybe not downside... but the after-effects was that I spent most of Sunday and yesterday being a complete zombie. Good times, but ugh so tired.

Still flagging a bit today, but I know most of that is nerves and stress about what's coming down the pipes for February. Trying to announce I am moving without rocking an already unstable boat is NOT any fun at all, plus I'm helping dora get prepped for his wedding and just. Ugh. Stress. ALL of the stress.

I'm almost laughing at how ready I am to go back to work. It means being away from everything for eight hours a day and focusing on something else. The money helps, to be sure, but yeah. I know what kind of distractions to expect at work.

Bluh, yeah. I'm still pretty exhausted from everything and I can't wait to be out of this shitty situation I'm in. Maybe I can try to update later this week with some of the art I've been doing... Still need to recode this place too. Hrf, still lots of work to go around.


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