Feb. 8th, 2013

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I.e. - Shaking a bottle (of soda) as you take it out of the fridge before pouring the drink.

The good news is that I didn't actually follow through the the urge to shake the coke bottle, so my clothes and possessions are safe. It was just a weird feeling to be conscious of.

In other news work took a lot more out of me this week than I estimated it would… I managed to mostly keep on top of my update schedule, but I completely missed EVERYTHING on Thursday. Which means I’m doing both today’s updates AND catching up on Thursday’s missed day…

Just finished updating FA, which means all that’s left to do is:

  • Update CDS Blog
  • Update CDS Store
  • Write up Creature Feature for RainbowFields.
  • Probably need to re-code my post for RF’s Saturday update.
  • Find a music rec for VitaMusica because ahahahahahaha, no playlist this week. Debating on just doing two playlists a month and just find something else to update Thursday with….

Then there’s my regular To Do list:

  • Cross compare health insurances and report findings to Mom tonight
  • …that’s really the only thing that I HAVE to do today. Everything else is just stuff that needs to get done. Like…
  • Fold laundry
  • Put away laundry
  • Wash dishes
  • Eat

…but yeah. So tired. So so tired. This week at work wasn’t BAD, it was just exhausting. Getting back into the swing of working a Day Job, plus I think I’m getting over some bug or something (which didn't help anything), was more tiring than I initially expected...  On the up side, I’m feeling better than I have been the past few mornings, so that’s good.

The cool thing I was talking about last week as that I got myself a Grooveshark account and have been really enjoying their build-a-playlist feature. I figured out how to use the embed-code on my music Tumblr, so I was all excited about being able to share the playlists here (as a throwback to my old Compilations idea).... but turns out LJ eats the coding, and all I get on my screen is just a blank white text-box where the music player should be.  Was v. frustrating and not at all what I was gunning for.

You can still check out my initial test playlist <a href="http://grooveshark.com/playlist/Stage+ON/82493840">[here]</a>, but it may be a few weeks before I can beat my journal coding into proper submission.... Because yeah, I really like sharing music and Grooveshark seems to be rather awesome about actually HAVING MY SHIT (unlike Spotify. SoundCloud is okay, but hit or miss sometimes).

I think that's all for this week... As predicted, I'm looking at how to juggle my update schedule because work being utterly exhausting is making it hard to update certain days. I'm also hearing rumblings that I'm either going to end up on a Sun/Mon/Tues schedule or Wed/Thurs/Fri. Thurs/Fri/Sat was also tossed around, but I'm going to see if I can't nip THAT one in the bud. Weekends are sacred, j0. If I had my druthers, Wed/Thurs/Fri would be the schedule I'd want... it has the potential for the most hours at any rate. Sun/Mon/Tues would probably be the best, update-schedule-wise, but Sunday is only a 4-hour day period. Which, ehng, I'm not exactly "well known" yet....so commissions are rather scarce.

Bluh, money woes. Everything will work out in the end, but right now things are getting seriously thin... Just gotta hope for the best.


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