Aug. 2nd, 2013

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It's August. Damn. I honestly didn't mean to leave things lying around here that long. Life just....*handwaves* It did the thing where things happened too fast for me to really hang on unless I did almost next to nothing else and even then my head is STILL spinning.

... so let's try to catch-up, shall we?

In which our intrepid hero loses a job, gains a job, and does half a dozen other things in the interrim )

Lessee... in mundane news, not long after Animal Crossing came out, I mortgaged the OTHER half of my soul to a silly online dragon-game. Which then promptly rolled over and screamed at how many new players it was getting. I managed to get myself in, plus a couple of my other friends, so if anyone is playing Flight Rising, I'm over: [here], :D

((It's a really fun and silly game, which some people take WAY SRSLY and wow is the economy stilted right now))

I also downloaded a collection on Steam that included Spelunx (Spelunx and the Caves of Mr. Seudo - which was one of my FAVORITE GAMES as a kid), Myst (and all of its sequels) and a couple of other things that I didn't really care about. I honestly have yet to boot up Myst (which now that I think about it is super surprising - might have to fix that tonight). Also nabbed 'Orcs Must Die' which is a SUPER FUN tower-defense game. So many new games *o*

A neat thing I discovered... well a few days ago, but yesterday is when it kicked my ass into gear about cleaning, is [this website]. It's called Unfuck Your Habitat. On the surface, it's just a cleaning blog with super helpful "How to" cleaning tips/suggestions. What makes it amazing (to me) however, is how SUPPORTIVE this blog is. The owner doesn't care how sick/healthy/wealthy/poor you are. People are never shamed for HOW badly their habitat may be fucked up; everyone is equal in their un-fucking progress. The key aspects are pretty awesome to. Spend 20 minutes cleaning something, take a 10 minute break. Rinse repeat until whatever surface/room you are cleaning is done.
I managed to get a LOT cleaned yesterday and, while I haven't been the most focused today, I have done a fair amount of un-fucking to my art desk.

Pretty awesome stuff!

So yes. That's where I've been. True to form, I got 40 hours work-weeks right up until my last day, which means a decent paycheck to hold me over until my new paycheck starts happening. Never going back there EVER again though. I mean it this time.

Hfff, think that's everything. Hope everyone is doing okay. I still check my Friend's Page, even if I'm horrible about commenting. Gotta try to change that soon. Gonna go back to cleaning my desk and then get some dinner, I think.

* - which, as a side note. If you tell someone, "I'll call you back to tell you if you did or did not get the job.", either call them back when you say you will OR AT LEAST ANSWER THEIR FUCKING EMAIL ABOUT THE JOB. I waited the allotted amount of time they said they'd get back to me, sent an email after that time had passed and have absolutely NOTHING from them. It's been two weeks now. Pretty sure I didn't get it, :|

** - I'm not stupid enough to think I'll have anywhere NEAR a decent income before then, but I'm aiming for New Years to at least be able to like.. pay one bill from art money or something.


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