Nov. 18th, 2013

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Realized I haven't been updating here like I have been... Nothing in particular for that; I've just been sleeping a lot. Can't even really say it's been depression. I'm just... sleeping is my shut-down reaction to everything. I spend equal parts awake and asleep it seems like lately. Sleep for seven hours, up for seven hours, sleep for five hours... hopefully I'll stay awake for longer than that, but who knows.

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Hffff, as much as I want to wax poetic about my artwork, I think I'm gonna save it for an entry that isn't gunked up with other RL stuff. Not that art/RL don't coexist... Some of the stuff I want to cover has no roots in how I'm feeling right now. Just a lot of observations/musings about my art over the years, plus where I'm vaguely wanting to push towards. I feel like it's worth its own post at any rate.

Before I go, have a link:

~ Worm: A Web Serial :: The overall theme for this story is "Being Taylor Is Suffering". Once you've accepted this, the rest of the tale is actually REALLY FREAKING AWESOME. I cannot say enough good things about how much this story turns super hero (and super villain) tropes right on their ear. It explores some really awesome dynamics about "real" super heroes and makes you really think about how one decision can affect a broad scope of things. Keep in mind that a) most chapters end on cliffhangers (because this is a serial; you want to keep coming back for more, right?) and b) this is a Not Nice story. Real deal shit happens. Not a happy-hugbox story. It isn't that everything is all woe and depression all the time, but... Life is rough. Good stuff happens, bad stuff happens and when you're fifteen years old, sometimes you don't make the best choices (even if they are buried in good intentions). Well worth the read though, IMO.


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