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It's amazing what a little time and tutorials will do for a picture.

It all started with this throw-away sketch I did... I honestly want to say in my Watercolor class. Which would put this at late 2011. Maybe earlier, IDK. I actually have this tiny sketch colored WITH watercolors, but that's not what this post is about.

As an experiment, to test out my Livestreaming capabilities, I decided on a whim to MOUSE-COLOR THIS. Yes, I had no tablet and was THAT DESPERATE to color this image.

Mouse-coloring. The thing I haven't done since high school. LORD WAS IT A MISTAKE.
....well, maybe not a mistake-mistake, but this was as far as I got with mouse coloring. I think that was after about an hour and a half of work? Granted, that was from sketch to flat colors (above) and starting to block out/shade the ice itself.

A few weeks later, after I had regained my sanity and dropped trying to color this with my mouse, I was over at dora's apartment, where he was letting me use his tablet.


I also, uh, got carried away a little bit with the detail work. Which, I usually do with ice... but the day after I did this (which was about four hours worth of work, btw), I realized that I sorta needed to not have the foreground be so busy.

I tend to get really absorbed with working on the facets of ice.

So a few weeks later, dora let me borrow his tablet again and I worked on "fixing" the foreground, as well as doing a little more work on the picture overall. About another... ehn, collective three hours? On this part.

You can see where I went back over the foreground and re-blocked some of the bigger areas back into larger chunks, as well as worked on smoothing out the back floes. I also moved the moons over a little, just as an aesthetic touch.

This doesn't look like the same picture, does it? Well, aside from the picture titles I can assure you: it IS the same picture.

However the difference is, is the tutorial I found in between weeks of not doing anything. It's a pretty awesome tutorial.

When I ran across it I was like, "Man, I wish I had a picture I could try this out on. ....oh wait".

Cue turning the current picture on its ear, getting rid of all of those mouse-colored hours and reworking the ENTIRE THING according to the tutorial. This is exactly why you never need to be afraid of stopping a picture mid-work and completely rehashing it. Sometimes it turns out SO COOL.

Which is where we are now. A couple more filters, added in some old tricks I picked up when I first started coloring ice (like adding noise to create a vague grainy texture underneath the ice) and the picture is pretty near completion.

I still need to finish up the back floe, plus figure out what I'm ACTUALLY doing with the mid-ground snow... and try to figure out how to accent purple ice without turning it neon pink.


But yes. Time and tutorials can do wonders for changing an image. Never be afraid to experiment with your work!


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