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Time skip, time skip. I'll make a more formal post about what happened and why later, but for right now, let's try to get back on the wagon about posting some art, hey?

No excuse like Life upheaving on you to spur on a new character design. I'll skip over the personal reasons as to Why I've gone and done this and go directly to the entertaining bits.

Border!Eri is based off a few different concepts, with my personal addendums added in.

The border part is based on, you guessed it, a border collie. The entertaining facet to this is that it was described to me that sometimes (read: a lot of the time) I am akin to a bored border collie. Apparently border collies, if bored and not given a proper outlet for their energy, will start MAKING their own jobs to do. Like, herding the living room curtains, or moving items (socks/toys) from one room of the house to the other.
Not really arguing that point because I DO tend to start getting frantic if I'm left to think to myself too long. The joke is that all of the thoughts I get wound up with are socks, and not just my socks, but the roommate's socks, and the socks from the guy down the road, and the neighbor's socks. I am the collie that steals everyone's left sock.

So it only seemed fitting to base the design on a blue merle border collie (because I like them and also the coloration fit best with my wing pattern). Personalization after that was fairly simple - my personal wings (small enough to fit with the design, fairly useless for flight in this case), hair (because I am shaggy as fuck right now), and I am DEBATING giving it a split tail. Because reasons.

But yeah. Border!Eri is roughly the size of a border collie, which means perfectly sized for not quite being a lap dog, but trying to anyway. Hands and feet are dextrous enough to manipulate basic objects, so doorknobs are no problem (but locks and keys are).

All-in-all, I just wanted a fun goofy character to draw myself as. It was high-time I made myself new icons, so this avatar was perfect for my generic DA-Twitter-AIM icon persona.

Haven't drawn too much else with them yet, but give it time.

Personal characters are always fun to come up with.


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