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May got away from me. I'm not really surprised that it did, but it's still disappointing. I learned a LOT, however, both about myself and Life in general over the course of the month. I heard from and got to see people that I haven't had contact from in years, plus the comments you guys have left on my entries were great.

Which means I am ready to gather myself up and start moving forward again.

The awesome news is that my Day Job schedule has officially (at least for the next two weeks) been slashed to reasonable working hours. I'm still skeptical about it for the long run, but right now it's greater than it was.

So I'm going to be trying something new today. The suggestion came from [livejournal.com profile] neogeen:

"So maybe a Moart Moment? No obligation to post every day. Instead you can work a little here and there on a post, and then post when it happens. No stress about "it didn't get done today!" but rather "I'll shave out 10 minutes here to add a few sentences save and put it away"."

MOART Moments will just... happen. I still want to stick to some of the guidelines I use for my MOART Month outlines (plus the World-Building Wednesday one I inadvertently stumbled over) but, to save myself the crunch and the headache and the Stress about keeping up an entire month of them, I'm just going to let them happen as they come.

Some might be planned (I'm gathering a collection of Pokémon doodles, also the aformentioned WBW), some might just appear out of the blue as I finish working on something (or I want to show you what I finished RIGHT NOW OMG), but they'll happen.

So a super big THANK YOU to Neo. You are a super huge influence/inspiration to me and I really admire your determination about your own art.

I'm really excited to start trying to work on things as they come.... especially with my newfound afternoons.

First order of business is to get my workspace spruced back up, but I am aiming to have that done by this weekend. Then next week I can REALLY start working on stuff again.

June really is looking up.

Only took us five months to get here, hey?


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