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Hey all~

So I decided I liked the idea of doing World Building Wednesdays. Like, really like the idea. As I was rolling out of bed this morning, I realized I knew which world I wanted to work on today. Well, less work on and more share with everyone, but still! It is a world and it is a story idea I have.

Today's world is big. Or rather, I think it's big. It's Earth-based, specifically around some remote islands in a large ocean. The island that our story takes place on has humans. But is also inhabited by a few grand species of [kaiju].

So let's meet our (arguable) hero!

As per all of my half-stories, I don't actually have a NAME for anyone/anything in the world. This guy is just called "Kaiju beastie" in my head.

I mean, I know what he looks like. Being a kaiju monster, I decided to go for a classic mash-up of a couple of different dinosaurs. For our good-guy here, it was a triceratops and smilodon.

Nothing too fancy, but a solid monster design. ((He's bright orange, by the way. I want to color him so badly))

He's got some pretty solid fighting moves. Punching and kicking...

...and a good ol' fashioned CHARGE ATTACK!!

He also isn't "All fight and no play" either. He can get sad and moody too. What's he sad about? Well....

The premise of his story is one my friend King (aka [Jaz]) kindly lent me to work on. She has some AMAZING IDEAS and I cottoned onto this one pretty fast. It's a story with a moral too! The gist is that just because someone is different from you, doesn't mean you can't learn from them.

...it's a work in progress.

Basically our kaiju's story is that he lives on an island. Part of it is populated by humans and part of it is his. He thinks the entire island is his, but the humans are getting increasingly annoyed and tired of having their city wrecked every time another kaiju challenges our kaiju to a territory battle. The scientists of the island devise a Shrink Ray and manage to capture our kaiju. Everyone in the city celebrates because hey, their problem is solved! Tiny kaiju is no longer a threat to the city (tiny being relative, of course. He still manages to be like seven or eight feet tall) and so everything is peaceful! For about a week or so. Then, once the other kaiju realize that, "Oh hey, this island no longer has a guardian, FREE ISLAND!", the other kaiju start trying to move in.
The citizens of the city are less than pleased. They're back to being destroyed and are begging the scientists to just "Shrink all of the monsters!!"

Well, in the background (or second chapter), a couple of scientists have been working with our kaiju beastie. They realize he's intelligent and picks up on stuff faster than they thought. He can't really TALK, per se, but grunting and pointing is a universal language. They quickly realize that, "Oh man, we just fucked up the balance of Nature by taking this guy out of the ring.", so they quickly go about trying to reverse the Shrink Ray effects.

Long story short (meaning I haven't quite figured out the how and why of things yet), our kaiju gets reverted back to normal size, just in time to stop the Big Bad kaiju from completely decimating the city. The city humans realize that they NEED a kaiju around and our kaiju realizes that the tiny things he sometimes steps on are PEOPLE and have homes/lives too. A new balance is struck and everyone lives happily ever after.

What I really want to work on is the story itself. I mean, I have an overall idea of HOW I want things to run.... but like, details. Always fiddly details.

A part of me wants to try making a comic out of this idea (and honestly, it was the reason King started talking about it with me). I always say I don't have the patience for a comic, but at the same time, part of the reason I say that is because I never have a definite ENDING to whatever comic idea I want to do.

My kaiju idea has a pretty clear beginning --> middle --> end sequence, which is why it is VERY tempting to try to follow through with it as a comic.

I'm pretty comfortable with both of my kaiju designs. Our Bad Guy (and even really not that bad! he's just opportunistic) is a cross between a brontosaurus and a bag of razor-blades.

So I definitely think this story has potential... I just have to figure out more about the people themselves.

And sadly, I'm going to have to leave off on this note because Day Job is calling... I've left myself a pretty good start though (and everyone now has a pretty good idea of what I'm working with!), so hopefully I can pick up next week with more actual world-BUILDING things.


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