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I wish I could say I've been busy. I mean, with the volume of art I'm about to post, you'd think I WAS busy.

But no. No, I have not been. Between mortgaging my soul to Animal Crossing: New Leaf (FC: 2277-6732-7712) and getting jerked around by Kinkos, I'm scraping the bottom of my Energy barrel. One more month before I can transfer ANYWHERE ELSE in the company feels like it's going to be forever. Hell, I'm not even sure I want to transfer anywhere else (except Out. Permanently.), but that's another post for another time. Specifically later at night. Because hooboy, yay for Growing Up pains and Changes.

This post isn't about that though. It's about, "Hey, I'm not dead yet. Look at the art I've managed to do.". Enjoy.

After seeing [this photoset] on Tumblr, I knew I had to draw something using that first picture.

This spawned a week-long posting session on the CDS Tumblr about how I take a picture from Idea to Completion.

I decided to try my hand at digitally doing this. Mostly for time's sake (see: Day Job being heinous), but also because I really wanted to see if I COULD do it digitally in a week.

It took me a little longer than a week (Monday to Monday, rather than Monday to Friday) and I did take some shortcuts with the stylization. Was not feeling confident enough in my digital skills to do the flow on his wings that I had going in the sketch.

But for a week's project, it didn't turn out too shabby. I have some concrit that I can use to apply to the picture (as well as my own ideas about what I want/need to fix), so I'm hoping I can get this guy spiffed up enough to offer a print of at AWA.

Another thing I'm wanting to do is get better at landscapes. I figured I could start this by taking some old video game backgrounds and twisting them around. This one is Wizard's Peak, from the Magic Crafters world in the first Spyro the Dragon. I have the overworld of the Dream Weavers world done too, but this sketch was what I slapped digital watercolors on. I can tell I'm either going to need a stronger sense of digital colors, or really have some reference open when I do this traditionally.
...but it's not TOO bad.

Cheer-up picture for a friend who was having a rough night. Still trying to settle on a digital coloring style.

Have I posted my thank-you picture to [livejournal.com profile] neogeen here yet? Oh well, have it again. I used the same style as the Stag1 picture for it at any rate.

Life hasn't been all that great though. Playing around with my ink-like brushes in Photoshop produced this piece and it turned out pretty cool. With a little bit more effort (and an undersketch), I think I could make it really pop. Or at least be a bit more macabre. It's a plague-mask harpy, btw.

Speaking of trying to find a digital coloring style that fits, I've been experimenting with coloring JUST my pencil sketches. Digital inking is what kills me half the time (the other half is getting the colors to do what I want them to), so I decided to try just slapping color onto the sketches themselves. I have a set of Copic/Watercolor brushes I downloaded from .... somewhere. Internet. And so far... well, it's turning out pretty cool.

I'm trying to stick with minimal backgrounds until I get steady results on the foreground, but I'm pretty excited at how these are turning out. With Photoshop, I can get effects I wouldn't normally be able to produce with traditional media (at least as easily - my DnD character here glows. Glow in the dark paint would be about all I could use for her, traditionally).

((This image is also the base for today's CDS post, so check out the [Tumblr] to find out her backstory. /shameless plug))

Even Lira doesn't look half-bad in this particular style. Also I accidentally REALLY WANT THAT KIMONO NOW. I couldn't think of a pattern to use for her outer robe, so I was like, "Ah what the heck, let's just throw some clouds on there. I like clouds." And the more I look at it, the more I REALLY LIKE IT. /whine

So yeah. Like I said. I look busier than I have been. Or at least how I FEEL I've been. This whole growing-up business is headachier than the movies make it out to be. Bluh.

Maybe I'll write-up that post later tomorrow or something... Lord knows I need to word-vomit somewhere before I explode. Again.
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