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Not dead. Yet. Not for lack of Murphy trying, I promise.

But I finished a picture and figured it'd be a nice thing to share today.

First ever Ice Home image. Circa 2004, if DA's upload date is be believed. Babbin's first foray into coloring ice digitally. Fell in love almost instantly.

Secon Ice Home Image. Circa 2005. To this day, I don't think I'm EVER going to be able to re-create that water effect I got in this picture. I barely remember the filters I used for it; I just remember hitting a certain point and going, "Holy shit that looks good, I need to stop now and not touch it."

Ice Home 2.5 (or 03 as I've listed it everywhere else). I know I posted it in February of this year, but I THINK I started it in 2012, so it's somewhere around there. Looks so different than the others because aahhh, I hadn't colored on a tablet in forever and completely FORGOT EVERYTHING I EVER KNEW ABOUT COLORING ICE. Still looks decent tho.

And now, Ice Home 04. Circa 2013. Finished this last night and it is amazing what nine years, a couple of super awesome tutorials and some practice can do for a picture. You can see the steps leading up to this picture: [here].

I'm super happy with how it turned out. It looks SO DIFFERENT from when I first started, but gosh. Never be afraid to start something over mid-project. Trying new things is AWESOME.

I'm still puttering around trying to get ready for AWA. Finally feeling clear-headed enough to start some of my bigger projects, so hopefully the rest of this week can be used more wisely than the first half, =_=;; Them's some words that need tellin'... but later.

Right now, I need to swap my laundry out, re-make my bed and see if I can find a desk under all of these art supplies..............
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