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Writing three pages on Day 1 took up about a half hour's time and was pretty 0kay. I did it first thing in the morning (0930 ~ 1000) and my day seemed pretty decent. Didn't get everything in the entry accomplished, but I started some of it.

Day 02 saw some bad brain weather roll in, so that coupled with my plan to try writing for a half-hour at the end of my day (and trying to type it out in a GDoc, rather than on physical paper) meant that it never happened. I did more of the things I did the day before, however, and I even managed to make myself a forum signature and start on a second one.

Today is Day 03 and I'm moving to where ALL of my writing used to happen : LiveJournal. So let's get writing.

I find myself checking on LJ less and less these days. I don't think I've perused my Friends List in a few weeks, which makes me sad in a way. Granted, the only things that are on my Flist now are a handful of friend journals and two communities. Tumblr is definitely a more active place, though there are vast differences between the two platforms. Namely the following/commenting system, though I'm digging the Favorites system. Even if it is a bit cumbersome to actually go back THROUGH your favorites once you've amassed over 1500 of them.

((I'm currently sitting on some 6k favorites - trying to find ANYTHING in them is a bit of a needle-n-a-haystack hunt))

As for what I'm trying to accomplish, well. I find myself out of work for the next few weeks (oddly NOT because of the government shut-down, though the timing is deliciously ironic) and rather than waste the entire two weeks loafing around in a depression, I decided to try and better myself. The initial concept grew out of a few posts I had been seeing floating around Tumblr - namely ones that provided links to online courses held by Big Name universities and ones handing out free downloads of legally available eTextbooks. I could break my day up like a college block schedule and take a few hours each day to research/study SOMEthing that would make me more likeable to a prospective employer. A hasty chat with [livejournal.com profile] neogeen gave me some good building blocks to start playing with; one of which was to write about my thoughts/feelings/ideas/plans for a half hour at the start of my day.
My current experimentations with this are recorded above and I'm still dabbling with the best medium for me to get going in.

I don't feel like I've WASTED the past few days, per se. Monday saw me running to the grocery store with one of the roommates, as well as trying to get sketches done for Inktober, ontop of doing a load of laundry, picking up my Japanese study game again and trying to hammer out exactly What Do over the upcoming weeks. Tuesday was a bit of a downer and now that I list out All The Things, I'm wondering if I just didn't over-extend myself on Monday and Tuesday was my brain's way of going, "Sit down, shut up and cool your heels."
Different possibilities, different factors. I'm counting my blessings that I DO have this time to futz around with my schedule and routine... much as the low income sucks.

I've gotten some stuff done today too. Cleaned my desk off, fused a couple of Pearler bead pieces I've had sitting on my desk for the better part of two weeks, made a matching Icon for myself (to go along with the forum signature I made yesterday), ate breakfast and got dressed. I'm undecided what to do after this entry, though my overall project for today is to transpose a few favorite phrases/quotes onto paper and make some inspirational pictures to hang on the wall. The concept is simple enough: Paint a piece of paper with as many (or few) colors as you want, block out text you want (the instructions I saw were to use sticker letters that peeled up afterwards, but I'm probably going to use frisket), and then paint a second coat of black/dark color over the top. Let dry and then peel up the stickers for a rainbow quote of your choosing.
I've got some good ones too. I might even play around with some Japanese song lyrics if I feel punchy enough, but we'll see. I need to see how well the frisket idea works first.......

I have been getting some good sketches done too. For whatever reason I don't feel comfortable sketching in my main sketchbook these days (I feel everything in it is cruddy), so I've been filling in some junk sketchbooks in the interrim. Inktober is something I stumbled on in a late-night clicking spree and have become QUITE interested in pursuing. I'm actually going down to a friend's house tomorrow for an all-day/night ArtJam to do some inkwork and I'm all excited. The concept is for 31 days in October, you produce one inked drawing a day. It's to help you get better/more control/more confident about doing JUST inkwork and, well, I definitely need improvement there so hey!
My first idea was to draw up some new monster templates from my dad's old 1st Ed AD&D Monster Manual. I have many fond memories paging through the book when I was little and looking at some of the portraits now.... Some of the pictures are AMAZING black & white works and some, well... are probably on the level I could produce now. Oddly enough, none of my Inktober sketches have been AD&D monsters, but I still have twenty some-odd days to do things. Was kicking around doing all of them on ATC/ACEO-sized cards, mostly as a way to give myself some restrictions, but also because I'd like to start trying to make some trades. Eventually. One day.

I have no idea how far I'm going to get in my two-week boot camp (so far it's the most relaxed and laid back boot camp ever, but I have a feeling we're just getting started), but my overall goal is to keep doing what I'm doing AFTER I go back to work. Some stuff will be easy enough to keep up with, but others... well. These next two weeks will be a good observational period for me to see where I need improvement in (besides all the ones I already know about).

Aaaand we're at the 2pm mark, so I've officially written for a half hour! A decent enough post to start with. I'm not sure if I'll keep up writing here for the duration or not, but a post every other day or something could be fun.... Ah well, LEARNING IS FUN.
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