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Haha, I forgot I added more people to my Friend's List here in an attempt to spruce up the place a bit. Imagine my surprise when I went to my Calendar to check on the date and, oops, I actually have updates to read.

In my defense I HAVE been busy though.

I spent Thursday and Friday of last week hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] lunitaire and doing art. It was a much needed break for the both of us. We indulged in soda, pizza and all manner of junk food while watching a variety of movies. His goal was to just DRAW STUFF and mine was to INK STUFF. He also helped me get my Rapidogrpah pens working and HOLY FUCK HOW DID I EVER LIVE WITHOUT METAL NIB PENS?! I can actually INK FINE LINES NOW. It was amazing and glorious and I have a stack of inked stuff now. We also made pancakes with these rad pancake forms he bought off of eBay and the weekend-before-the-weekend was awesome.

Came home Friday evening, unpacked and repacked for my trip up to see Phe-chan. Pokémon X & Y released this weekend and ASKHJAJDFGHJLKSDHASKJ that's a separate post entirely. Phe-chan, Matt (Phe-chan's husband), dora and I spent Saturday curled up on the livingroom couches completely engrossed with the new game. We stopped playing long enough to eat dinner (even then, with handheld devices it was more, "We paused between bites to make our next move selections") and watch Pacific Rim. Sunday was much the same; breakfast turning into lunch at a pretty decent hibachi grill, followed by watching ParaNorman before heading back home.

Taking an extended weekend seems to have help clear up the rest of my bad head-weather. Today I accomplished a lot of things, both on and off my mental Boot Camp list.

~ Showered
~ Did laundry and put away both baskets
~ Cleaned out the fridge (including actually wiping DOWN the fridge; with the help of the roommate)
~ Cleared off my art desk and (mostly) unpacked my art supplies from this past weekend
~ Put in three job applications; one of which is close by, so I can go drive out to see them tomorrow to hand them a physical resume.

Mom is coming up later this week for a knitting event and for the first time in recent memory, my room actually WON'T need a blitz "Shove everything into the corner" cleaning. I really don't have enough praise for UFYH's cleaning methods. The bleed over into other aspects of my life is pretty cool too.

Speaking of which, I need to get an idea of what I'll be trying to do tomorrow. Obviously running out to check out that local job would be a good idea. Possibly seeing if there are any other leads I can drum up. Goal is three resumes a day, just to give myself a chance should my previous job not want me back (which I doubt, but better safe than sorry). If I can get out early enough tomorrow (which means actually waking UP tomorrow morning and not slouching back to bed), I might be back early enough in the afternoon to get more art done. The initial project idea I had fell through ..... but as I sit here, I think of even better ideas. Welp, time to go excavating my drawers. Needed to do that anyway, what with unpacking from the long weekend and all.

Another thing that's helped is banning myself from Pokémon until dora gets home, XD I know that I wouldn't be near as productive if I could just laze around and play all day, but this way I don't get too ahead of him either. It's really been fun keeping pace with someone else, so I want to make it last for as long as possible.

Collectively it's probably been about 30 minutes, so I'm gonna get going here. Think I like doing these updates more in the morning though, so we'll try that for tomorrow.


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