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So! The fun thing about writing things out is that sometimes it jars shit loose that you didn't think about until the words were set down. Then you can look back and the words and go, "Oh! THAT'S why thing happened."

In this particular case, I pieced tow and two together about WHY I've been bordering narcoleptic for the past few weeks.

1) The fun part about caffeine is that it's technically a drug. Which means when you ingest it for an extended period of time then stop ingesting it, you get withdrawl-like symptoms, :D

2) When you start re-taking your multi-vitamins, that have the exact wording of "Energy Supplement", at odd hours (either because you cannot remember when you took them, or you are taking two a day* to make sure your body gets its nutrition), your body responds in kind by keeping you awake.

Combine both of these, plus a healthy dose of bad brainweather, and you get the incredibly strong urge to sleep for 10+ hours, followed by staying awake for 10+ hours, :DDD

I never made any claim to being the brightest crayon in the box. I am just a simple glitter crayon.

Thankfully figuring this out has me back on track to taking care of myself. Vitamins only in the morning, back to having soda DURING THE DAY, only on weekends (I cut myself down to one can per weekend day**), no food after 10:30pm (I was being about this one because of my work schedule - no means no, however), and I may start taking walks or something to get some of this excess energy out of my system before bed.

Might ramble about art later. Might just do art and be done with things. Need to make some, "The rumors of my death have been completely exaggerated" posts on various blogs. Need to start some blogs up again. I was good about doing Adult Stuff yesterday... need to do more of it today, but some of it makes me squidgy. It involves math and how much money I don't have, X(

Oh well. I'm giving myself this week to sort everything out. If I can do one thing a day, it'll be done in no time.

* - They're the mini-multi-vitamins, so every 2 minis = 1 regular horsepill
** - Occasional Friday, but mostly Saturday and Sunday
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