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To keep with Photoshop's wonderful history with me, I would have had 27 pictures to share.... if it hadn't crashed while trying to save them. These are the ones I rescanned before decided to fuck it and go home. The good news is you probably didn't want to see all of those pictures anyway.

So here's what was left. [+11] )

Gonna keep the story under wraps a bit more, at least until I can figure out exactly what medium I'm gonna use to tell it. King is encouraging me to try a comic-style with it, and considering how much I'm putting into designing the kaiju, I should go with that... but it means I'm actually gonna have to design the humans for the story too, XP
Ah well, I'm still getting details hammered out, so it's not like it's any big deal right now.

Wish I had more pictures to talk about, but after realizing I lost twenty seven images to Photoshop's crash and how much time I had spent scanning them in the first time.... yeah, laziness kicked in and I just wanted to go HOME. I got what I got and that's all that I got.

Now to go unwind and try to figure out exactly how I'm going to do everything I need to do tomorrow, while having ample time to do the things I want to do (read: hang out with Lauren and fangirl moar).


Mar. 21st, 2007 08:50 pm
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Ever since [livejournal.com profile] fauxpawroo asked about pulling together a Pokémon-group to hit AWA with this year, I can't stop planning my suit.

I totally want it to be a seekrit though (...like anyone here is gonna see it before I hit AWA, BUT STILL).

Yargh, someone forgot packages. Shitfuck.

Guess that cuts that ramble short. ATC [1 big page] )

Zoom zoom. Gotta run!


Mar. 19th, 2007 08:57 pm
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I knew there was something I forgot last night... On Saturday when Sooz and I went to the mall with Ryan, we went into FYE. While I loathe to support them since they ran Suncoast out of the mall, I do like the fact they carry Sonata Arctica CDs. I gots me Sonata's latest album, which to my surprise, is a live one, ^_^

Me so happeh.

In other news, Neo? You ARE addictive.

ATC Sketch pages found here [2] )

Brief update tonight - gotta go close now!


Mar. 18th, 2007 05:55 pm
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I think today has been one of my more productive days. Of course, the money probably helped with that, but I got Dennis' poster/fliers finished. I still feel kinda weird about doing the work at work, but we still don't have Internet and Yuki is being a butt about Photoshop...sooo yeah. I was lazy and didn't work on it all weekend, but Dennis doesn't know that.

I'm feeling a little bit better since Thursday, although I still don't know what hit me to put me in such a bad mood. Weather or something, :/ I started work on the ATC's I mentioned earlier... well, one atleast. My brain finally wrapped itself around the concept of the cards, so I went from going, "Eh, whatever." to "GODAMNIT NEO, THIS IS ADDICTING."

Not that the image is huge, mind you. [1] )

I've got 10 more cards cut and I think after I get done with work business (and cleaning and laundry), I may eke out a few more. They're the perfect size to work on at work though, so I may reserve them for entertainment purposes.

I deifnitely want to start getting into these now, though. Addictive little bastards.

No other real news to report. I was at Hugh/Melanie's house yesterday for gaming and after pumping my Druid to level 12, she leveled again at the end of the session. My level 30 half-crystal dragon Druid is a beautiful template to use for Bella (my level 13 Druid) because I already have access to Giant and Vermin shapes (as well as Large, beast/plant) and in a few more levels, I'll get Magical Creature and Elemental form.
Obnoxious isn't quite the word I would use yet, but I'm totally getting there, ^_^
♥ D&D.

Wha-hey! I'm late to close the store! Later guys!


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