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Mar. 24th, 2009 11:41 am
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Back on track this time! Still gotta work out when I'm pulling these together, but hey. We are LIVE.

Tracklist go here )

Length: 59:34
Size: 67 MB

Download link : Here


Another 'meme-mix', this time from [livejournal.com profile] rebelrobo. I got assigned the letter 'G' and decided that five songs was just too short a list to make, XP

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Music? In my LJ posts? You might be right actually, :O

Awright, here's a refresher/run-down for all you new listeners:

A few years ago (2006-ish), I got the brilliant idea to start zipping and sharing my CDs that I DJ for myself. I have fun mashing music together, making it flow from one song to another and figured, "Hey, other people might like these." since I get pretty decent compliments when my friends are forced to listen to my CDs whenever we're road-tripping places.
Due to management, I uh... pretty much dropped the ball on these. This sudden influx of good music has changed my tune though, so I'm going to try to start picking back up with these. I've got through April mapped out, so hopefully that'll be motivation enough~

I update on Tuesdays because I've found it to be the day of the week other things (websites/web comics) don't really update (It's either M/W/F, M/Th, just Wednesday or any combination that does not involve Tuesdays). These tracklists *should* fit onto a regular 80-minute CD, since when I started these I didn't have a fancy mp3-friendly CD player. I include a .txt file with the zip, so if you ever want to re-create these at a later point (or just want something to reference on making your own playlists) - it's there. I think the formatting is a little different than the ones I've used before, if only because I did NOT remember what format I used. Again, it's been a few years.

Also this is the first time I used a Mac to create this, so uhm... if anything doesn't work right (the .txt file is the biggest concern of mine), just lemme know. Or, y'know, just copy/paste this tracklist. YOU'RE SMART, YOU CAN FIGURE IT OUT.

And now, without further adodo, I present Compliation v2.5 - NewNew Addict.

Tracklist )

Length : 75:08
Size : 96.1 MB

Download Link : Here


The compilation was named 'NewNew Addict' because on my iTunes I have a playlist called 'New Addictions' which is used to house all of the newest songs I get sent and want to listen to on repeat. I wanted to make a CD out of these, but wanted to keep my playlist, so I made a new playlist called 'NewNew Addictions'. It got shortened to Addict because of iTune's playlist-name space and I figured, "Eh, it'll do."

These are some of the more recent songs that have crawled into my brain and made a home for themselves. Some of them are guilty pleasures, some of them are old favorites and all of them are just plain addicting.

Hopefully you'll like at least one of them! Enjoy~
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Eeehh, close enough. Today's compilation is brought to you by the letter 'N'. [profile] snowolfmystic tagged me for a music meme and I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to abuse my compilation idea.

I present to you Compilation v2.0 - N.

Tracklist )

Length: 64:54
Size: 57.2 MB

Download Link : Here


So yeah. Compilations post, no butthurt here. Enjoy guys~
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And we are LIVE. Yes, that's right folks - Compilations version 1.0 is out. This is the Gaming Special~!
You thought I would forget, didn't you, :P Silly person.

Tracklist )

Length: 70.17
Size: 89.0 MB

Download link: Here


Made a few changes to the zip. I included a text file with the tracklist, as well as (hopefully) amusing comments as to the tracks I chose and why.

PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK. Oh dear god please leave feed back. Here, here's a link to the last post so you can listen to that and tell me more about it too: (Here)

Again, I'll be leaving this one up for the week and at the end, I'll go and put a mirror up (MegaUpload for now) the second week. After that you can e-mail me if you want the collection, or which songs you want from it.
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...which is why I'm proud to present to you guys:

Compilation, version 0.5 - Happy Mix

Track List Here )

Length: 76:52
File size: 83.99 MB

Download link: Here
MegaUpload link: Here

I figure in about a week (when that one expires), I'll put up a mirror and when that expires, either put up a permanent link (hopefully I can figure out website hosting at that point and use my own bandwidth) or just ask people to e-mail me if they want the mix...

Questions for you guys (for next time):

~ Should I include, or do you want, a text file with the tracklist in the zip?
~ Do you guys want running commentary as I'm building this thing? I started doing it for this mix, but gave up about halfway through because keeping up with it AND the mix was frying my brain.
~ Do you guys care about blurbs? Like the commentary, would it be cool adding in a text file with like, nostalgia/trivia about the songs I chose or why I chose them?
~ Or should I just STFU and post the music?

Go forth, download and BE HAPPY. This mix is for generating happy feelings. LET ME KNOW HOW I'VE DONE.

Feedback = good in this case. Har har, /notfunny music joke.

~*~ EDIT ~*~

Added MegaUpload link for the second week.

E-mail me at LiraKino at gmail dot com if you'd like any specific tracks OR if both downloads have expired and you would like the entire compilation.


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