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Recipes By Me!

A'ight guys, today I have not one, but TWO hodge-podge recipes for you. These were created out of desperation - not the desperation that comes from having no food, but from the desperation of not wanting to LEAVE to go get proper ingredients.

First up was yesterday's Noodle Bowl.


1 Box of Kraft? Betty Crocker? Hamburger Helper? Pasta Salad, Flavor: DELICIOUS*
2 pork steaks
Extra handful of multi-colored rotini
1 head of cabbage


Roughly chop whole cabbage, put into pot of water, boil. While cabbage is cooking, start pasta salad according to box instructions (adding in extra noodles to compensate for extra ingredients). When you start to smell "cabbage", pull the boiling vegetables off of the heat and drain. Drain noodles.

Dice pork steaks into cubes. Season liberally with Italian Seasoning and cook until done.

Mix pasta salad sauce.

In big bowl, mix : Noodles, cooked pork, salad dressing and two or three big handfuls of cabbage.

Stir until evenly coated with salad dressing (olive oil plus spices - from the box packet). EAT.


Take leftover cabbage and store in fridge for later.




3.5 handfuls of elbow noodles
1 can Cream Of Onion soup
1/2 tablespoon of minced garlic
1 pat of butter (tablespoon?)
1 can tuna
1 small can of peas
2 handfuls of cabbage from last recipe


Cook noodles. Add garlic and butter into boiling water. Drain.

Make CreamOf soup according to can. Dump in can of peas (drained), can of tuna (not drained). Coat noodles in olive oil before adding back to soup**. Add in two handfuls of cabbage. Liberally apply Italian Seasoning and parsely flakes to soup.

Mix and heat until bubbling.

Remove from heat, serve topped with crushed crackers (optional).


Both have turned out INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS and, at least on the second one, leave leftovers for one or two more meals. The first one was gone within the day, X3

I'm still trying to find more ways to use the rest of my cabbage (now roughly about half a head of it left), but so far everything has been amazing. Gonna freeze the rest of this so I can take it to work next week and be a good Eri about my diet and not eat another bowl, so hopefully it'll taste even better then.

* - no seriously, this was Atrian's. I have no idea what actual flavor it was.
** - burn self in process because you drained the noodles out of boiling hot water and didn't let them sit long enough before hand-mixing in the olive oil.


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