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log 26102011 - Day 2

I lost no time in working when I awoke this morning.

I cleared out the area in front of my newly-minted mine, obtaining more wood and saplings for my efforts. I decided rather than attempting to build right next to my mine, I would set up a decent distance away (but still remain within visible distance of my mine). There was a small island in the middle of the pond next to the cliffside, so I used some of my new dirt to create a small land-bridge out to the center.

Clearing the center and surrounding sandbars was quite simple and before I knew it, I was ready to start laying the foundations for my new abode. It is a modest thing, built completely out of dirt. I admit I made it a bit spacious inside, but my crafting table (which I managed to recover from the depths of the mines!) and my forge fit nicely along the far wall from my bedside. There are two doors, though I hesitate to dub one my front door until I know which one I will use more. One door leads to the land bridge that leads to the mines and the second one leads to a second land bridge that goes out to my, eventual, farming plantation.

Later in the afternoon was when I decided to steel my nerves against killing living creatures and I set out to harvest meat and wool from the surrounding sheep. I needed wool to make a blanket and meat to keep my stomach from caving in on itself. The gods seemed amicable enough to me today, providing four sheep trapped in a small crevice that was hidden from my initial survey of the second island. I admit it was like shooting fish in a barrel with how easy it was to collect my goods...

I've started using some of the posts I've stripped from the mines to make a fence. I eventually plan to section off a small section of the second island for farming, though I'm out of posts at the moment and am not entirely sure how to create more. The mine seems full of them, however (and they do not seem to compromise the structural integrity of the shafts themselves when removed), so I may just continue using my pre-fabricated ones until I'm a little farther along.

One fenced off field for farming, one fenced off pen for animals is my final goal, I believe. I found a cow earlier, so I may try to see what other livestock I can round up on my adventures. Hopefully the pens will actually hold them...

I found myself restless, even after all of my hard labor, so I took up my pick-axe and headed back for the mines. I refuse to let my fears and bad experience put a damper on my subterranean explorations. I surprised myself by burrowing back through a portion of mineshaft I had previous blocked off from myself (granted, to make sure I did not lose track of my first entrance). Enough torches will shed light on ANY abandoned tunnel, and I quickl found myself rather excited about how far the caverns reached.

When I was nearly full up on iron ore, coal and more gravel, I decided to take a second chance at burrowing upwards in a random direction. I am still not sure where my FIRST escape attempt tunnel is in relation to my mineshaft, but I figured there was no harm in trying for a second exit. To my amazement, I was able to create a SECOND mine entrance in the same fashion, though I was terribly lost for a few minutes as I was not entirely sure WHERE my second entrance was in relation to my first one.

A quick romp through the trees got me a little farther off-course, but following the moon I was able to make my way back to my house. It seems this entrance goes under the river that feeds into my lake, and dumps me out on the far side of my homestead. I hurriedly made my way back home, but tomorrow I believe I will try to start making a rough map of my area. I would like to start excavating those mountains for my permanent home and need to be comfortable enough with my surroundings that I do not get lost in the process.



I've decided to start logging, at least my first forays into Minecraft, in journal format... mostly for the creative writing exercise, but also in the spirit of the entries Setsu used to write about HER adventures in Minecraft. Sadly I don't think these will be nearly as entertaining.... at least not until I start setting myself on fire, or start getting ahold of volitile explosives, or getting lost, or killing myself in new and creative ways. ALL DISTINCT POSSIBILITIES.

The other reason I'm posting these here is to get some content back up on this thing. I can only make so many, "Eaten by Life. Busy as hell. Slept for [x] hours today. Work sucked." posts before they start bleeding together (like the rest of my Life is doing). Minecraft is something little I can play in the evenings before work and after I get home for a bit... WoW entries WILL start happening again as well, but they might be reserved for the weekend (as WoW tends to be something I play for longer periods of time). Speaking of which, gotta find out which PvP weekend it is... I think I missed AV last weekend. Oh I hoe it's AB. That'd be a real home-coming treat. AB FOR EVERYONE.

....anyway. An art post is just around the corner, as well. I realized as I was scanning in the last of my school doodles (18 pages worth, eish), that I have 13 pages of my PREVIOUS school doodles that need formatting. As well as 11 sketchbook pages. All of which hold multiple doodles (though some may get scrapped because of how nonsensical they are), so I have a good bit of art to catch you guys up on.

I have started a Tumblr, though how much content it has is debatable at this point in time (currently in the process of moving all of my Homestuck retardation into a contained area)... BUT, should everything work out, Tumblr will get sketch-a-day posts, LJ will get beefier art posts and daily updates will be scattered between the two. I'll make formal announcements later (with links even!) when I get this underway for real, but just a heads up.

Work is apparently trying to get busy, so guess I'll go back to what I'm supposed to be doing. HAH. God I just want to go home before 08.30am for once.
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Terran Explorations; log 25102011 - Day 1

I awoke to find myself in an extremely fortuitous spot. There were two Very Large mountains within visible distance, with myself being in a small, servicable forest. There was a lake at the base of the mountain (and more on the surrounding sides), and off one of the mountainsides there was a vast desert, perfect for strip-mining for glass later. The area was also generously populated with sheep (black and white), pigs and I found a few chickens and their eggs as well. Grass was plentiful all around and I noticed what looked to be sugar cane on one of the lake edges as I started to explore.

Sadly I was not scheduled to enjoy this cornucopia of Eden for long. One of my first forays out into the wilderness found me sunk to the bottom of one of the more, embarassingly small, lakes. ...which was also apparently connected to a system of underwater rivers and caverns, via swift-moving currents.

I admit I do not remember how long I was swept along after I got pulled under, as my bearings were completely lost after my feeble attempt to free myself from the devil-cursed waterways. I managed to fling myself free from the current the first time and use my pick-axe to make a set of stairs, attempting to get AWAY from the water. A missplaced foot was all it took to drag me back underwater and further down into the caverns.

I wish I could recant how I managed to escape the water a second time as well, but most of my recollections of my experience have been overwritten by my overwhelming need to get back to the surface. If I think long and hard enough, I do remember thinking how odd it was that there were already structures in place so far below the surface. I'm sure if I had wandered around long enough, I would have found the tunnel in the abandoned mineshaft that lead to the surface. My impatience and survival urge was more intense than my exploration curiosity, however, and as soon as I found a decently open hallway I began mining upwards. Luckily, right before my little adventure started, I had begun harvesting wood for planks and sticks. These allowed me to make wooden pick-axes, later cobblestone axes, and torches, which helped speed along my excavation.

My first emergency tunnel was a wash. Literally. As soon as my mining pick hit the outer dirt block, water finished the job and swept me back down my impromptu stairwell. I was very nearly washed off into the abyss (for the tunnel opened into a large cavern at one end), but I managed to catch one of the mine supports before that occured. Deciding that mining anywhere close to that area would only result in another water-slide, I set off further down the tunnels hoping that it wouldn't occur a second time.

To my great relief, it did not. My second tunnel dumped nothing but broad daylight on me as I reached the surface, and after a quick foray into the surrounding area, I found I was none too far from both of my mountains (which was even MORE of a relief to me). I decided not to waste all of the hard work I had been forced to do and quickly cleared the surrounding opening so I could tell where I had come from.

There are plans to further excavate and reinforce my new mining caves; I am quite pleased to report that they reach deep enough to provide both coal and iron ore veins.

I've camped out under one of the trees beside my mineshaft, too exhausted to harvest any more trees that could be made into a temporary shelter. I will figure out where I want to set-up camp tomorrow, as my harrowing adventure has yeilded more than enough raw building materials for myself. I am sad that I lost my first crafting table to the mines, but they are easy enough to remake.

Hopefully the morning will bring a better day to me, and any adventures I take part in will be of my own choosing.



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