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Last leg of the journey. Getting cold yet?

Warnings: CHEESECAKE AHOY. NOT dial-up friendly. PART 4 OF 4. Pics [+ 6] )

And that, ladies and gentlement, is all there is to it. My version of it anyway. I'm sure you can google 'Ice Tutorials' just as easily as the next candidate, but I tried my best, yah?

Hopefully I taught someone something. That's all I ever hope, really.

...well, when it comes to art, X3

Happy artings~
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So where did we leave off, eh?

Warnings: CHEESECAKE AHOY. NOT dial-up friendly. PART 3 OF 4. Pics [+ 12] )

Nearing completion, HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!
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Awright, the time you've been waiting for. ICE.

Warnings: CHEESECAKE AHOY. NOT dial-up friendly. PART 2 OF 4. Pics [+ 13] )

Man, this is turning out HUGE. Or maybe I just talk too much, X(

Always a distinct possibility.
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The real-media ice tutorial may be on hold for a few weeks because, unless I can get Sooz's digi-cam to work with me, it's looking like I'm going to be coloring one layer, taking the picture to work, scanning it, taking it back home, doing the second layer, and rinse & repeat until done. With the way my real-media ice works, that method is going to take a while (as I said, barring Sooz's digicam exploding in my face).

However, I come bearing good news! The digital ice tutorial is DONE. That's right - tonight (today, this morning, or whenever the hell yer reading this) you get to learn my take on rendering ice in Photoshop, :D How exciting!

Now, [personal profile] samiitiger has pointed me to this :

tutorial, and there are some AWESOME picture packages you can pick up here: http://resurgere.deviantart.com/

...but they involve messing with stuff like layers, fades, levels, and all sorts of technical crap, D: Screw that noise, I'M LAZY. We're going to be doing this the *easy* way. Well, mostly. I tend towards the compulsive side when it comes to coloring ice, so this is going to be time intensive. The method itself is very simple. There. That works.

You're also going to need music while you work. Mood music. Good for the art, y'know? There's only one remix I listen to when I'm working with ice, so I've pulled 5 of my better remixes out for you guys. I've got 65 of them to listen to while working, but these ought to tide you over (but feel free to raid my collection if you want more).

Orchestral Remix ~ Found this on MySpace of all places. Insanely pretty.

Eastern IceField ~ Big Giant Circles - One from OCremix. THe most recent one, I believe. Very nice.

BFVJDC IcecapGF ~ Don't ask about the filename, I don't know either. Ganked this from...some...website on one of my remix hunts. Light-hearted Ice Cap.

Icy Memories (XG) ~ One of my MIDp3's (MIDI converted to Mp3 format). Stolen from VGMusic.com. If that place still exists...

Escape From the Ice Cap ~ LeeBro - Incase you wanted to know where the hell I'm coming up with the titles for this tutorial. Probably one of my top 3 favorite Ice Cap remixes. Reminds me of home.

You can also find more remixes here: http://ocremix.org

Okay, music, check. Links, check.

...what are we waiting for? Let's get going!

Warnings: CHEESECAKE AHOY. NOT dial-up friendly. PART 1 OF 4. Pics [+ 11] )

Breaking this up into ) parts because I don't want too much lag time on the pictures. It annoys me when I find someone with an awesome tutorial, but I have to wait FOREVAR for it to load from all the screencaps, X(



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