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What haven't I eaten, you mean.... eugh, okay. Let's do this thing.

For the squeamish and don't approve of my eating habits )

Aaaaaaand that's all I can come up with right now. It's a pretty inclusive list of crap I've ingested over the years, though... I get the feeling like I'm forgetting something, but oh well.

My challenge for myself tomorrow is to not touch LJ (or much of the Tubes) and do productive stuff, 8| And by productive stuff, I mean ink and color stuff and/or drag out my anatomy books and "get back to basics" on things. Browsing DA always kicks my creative drive over and makes me wanna DO SHIT.... but then I get sucked into crap like this and waste time.

Gotta try tho, :|
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木 牛 ~ Wood Ox

It's funny. When I was a kid, my parents and I would go to various Chinese restaurants and sometimes they'd have those placemats with the zodiac on them. I'd continually ask my mom what year I was born to try and see if I'd get a different answer other than 'Ox'. My parents were both Sheep/Ram people, and with my fascination of all things mythological, I always thought I'd be better suited to being Horse, or Dragon, or even Tiger. I even tried reading various bits of my Chinese zodiac book for those animals, always insisting I was a conglomeration of those signs, rather than a boring old Ox.
Then we moved.

I say the moving thing because it was a few years before I unpacked my books enough to find my Chinese zodiac books. I started reading through one of my thicker ones on a whim, just to see if anything had changed. Saying "It did." doesn't really convey the depth of how it did, but things had changed. The book I had had a 'Lady Oxen' section, as well as an 'Ox' section and 'The Ox as a child'. It was more in-depth than my other books, which gave more of an overview of the sign.
Everything I was reading over caused me to go, "Hey, I do that. I think like that. I do that too. I *like* it when that stuff happens." and before I knew it, I had gone from absolutely loathing my astrological symbol, to embracing it with open arms. I'm proud to be an Ox.

As with all astrology, it's meant to be more of a general blanket rather than something unique for each individual, but for the most part I fit the description pretty damn well :

Wood Ox – Years 1925 and 1985
Wood Oxen work well as part of a team, but because of their work ethic, self-confidence and strong sense of morals, they’ll always perform better as the team’s leader. They do have a tendency to be quick-tempered and outspoken.

I don't particularly like being team-lead, but damned if everything else isn't spot-on. I'm happy that this year is the year of the Ox... it gives me hope that if I can work hard, rather than hardly work, I might actually be able to accomplish shit. Take things one step at a time and sooner or later, you'll be amazed at how far you have gone.

Speaking of which, back to work time. Bookshelves can't put themselves together you know.


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