Jan. 14th, 2013

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Well, once a week updates are better than nothing right? Right. So let's see what all has happened since we last left off...:

~ Got broken up with on Monday. Still stings.
~ Got an impromptu interview on Tuesday when I went out job hunting.
~ Got a phonecall for an interview on Wednesday.
~ Got interviewed Thursday.
~ Left for Huntsville ass-early Friday.
~ Spent Friday with Mom and Luke and friends. Did Christmas with Mom, got lots of knitted things. And 100$ worth of BN stuff.
~ Got a haircut on Saturday and hung out with Michael & Esther.
~ Played LOTS of Pokémon.
~ Came home Sunday to learn the Things Remembered I was hired at (and subsequently was on-call for) is closing permanently.
~ Which means I guess it's a good thing I had a final interview today.

And THAT means I'm going back to work for Fedex. This time around, however, I'm hoping things will be different. For starters, I'm going into the job at part-time. None of this full-time business and ESPECIALLY none of this 3rd shift nonsense. I'll have the opportunity to boost my hours by volunteering for shifts outside of my center, but that will be MY call. Not theirs.

Which is gonna be rather nice, honestly.

I'm sortof nervous about going back, but I'm trying to remind myself that this ISN'T my old center. Things have a greater potential to be NOT AS HELLISH, so I'm trying to go back with an open mind. Can't say where I'll be yet, because I don't know if I'm actually hired back or not... but it's looking that way.

In other news... well. I can't go into family stuff yet because argh, it's too convoluted and would take hours just to type up. Health-wise I seem to have missed whatever super-flu virus that seems to be taking down everyone. This year started off with a pretty explosive bang (or ended with a bang, depending on which mythos you follow), but I seem to be doing fairly okay?

I've been investing a lot of time getting Crystal Dreams set up and while I've been bad about not starting to blog again, the store is almost ready to open (and when I do, Dyre, I'll write up an in-depth report of who I went with and why for you and anyone else who still reads this thing). I really want to pick a project to start working on too... Just to start generating more artwork. I guess a good goal for this year would be to actually FINISH ART, rather than sketch everything and just leaving it for dead.
And also learning not to expect to finish a digital picture all in one sitting. THAT one is gonna be difficult, because I have a lot of preconceived notions that need to get broken. Also I am horrible at speed paints and I should probably start doing more of those...

But yes.

Also just realized I can cannibalize some of my old Pokémon posts for my Pokémon Tumblr, so wheeyay, I can start queueing up posts over there. Music blog is stagnant until I can make (or find) a new BG for it, plus figure out what online source would be best to post music clips from. Since, you know, posting from my personal collection might be a bad idea........

So there we go. Monday updates. Ugh, I suppose I should eat something (because I ate...geez, seven hours ago now), but I have been having such stomach problems lately. Stress is not helping matters much on that front, sad to say. Maybe just a PB&J or something simple. Need to sit down and figure out what I'm doing tomorrow too....

Anyway, there's your news in briefs and I will hopefully either be better about updating later this week, or we'll do another weekly catch-up next week. Hope y'all are hanging on and I AM reading my Friends List. So hugs to those who need it and cheers to everyone who's doing strangely fine.


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